Het Belang van Lokaal Shoppen: Een Win-Win voor Jou en de Ondernemer

The Importance of Shopping Local: A Win-Win for You and the Entrepreneur

It is a common complaint: “So many shops are disappearing from the center.” But what can we as consumers do about it? The answer is simple: by shopping locally. In this blog we explain why shopping locally is so important and how you can make entrepreneurs happy by supporting their stores.

Local Shopping: More than just a Purchase
When you shop locally, you make much more than just a purchase. You contribute to a lively and diverse range of shops in your neighborhood. Local shops add character to the street scene and make your shopping area a unique place where you like to go. Moreover, you support the dreams and ambitions of local entrepreneurs, who often run their business with heart and soul.

A helping hand for the local economy
Every euro you spend in a local store largely stays within the community. Local entrepreneurs spend their income back in their own environment: they do their shopping at the bakery around the corner, hire local service companies and invest in local projects. This creates a snowball effect that benefits the entire local economy.

Ohker Living: Your Unique Shopping Experience
At Ohker Living we want you to experience our store as we intended it: as a place where you gain inspiration, discover beautiful products and leave with a smile. What makes us unique? We offer a carefully curated collection of stylish and affordable items. From unique candlesticks and elegant vases to beautiful gifts – every piece in our store has been carefully selected.

A Warm Welcome to Our Store
We often notice that people admire our window but then move on, thinking that we are an expensive store. But why don't you give us a chance and just come in? We promise you a warm welcome and a surprising offer that is accessible to everyone and that the price of many items will positively surprise you. Our products vary in price, and you will find that there is something for every budget.

Personal Service and Attention
At Ohker Living we attach great importance to personal service. We take the time to help you, give sincere advice and are happy to think along with you. Whether you're looking for a specific item or just want to get some inspiration, we're here to help.

Support Your Local Entrepreneur
By shopping at Ohker Living, you not only support our store but also the local community. We work together with local suppliers and invest in the environment. Your purchase contributes to a thriving and diverse shopping street that benefits everyone.

Online Shopping at Ohker Living
Even if you prefer to shop digitally, you can go to Ohker Living. Our webshop www.ohkerliving.nl offers the same unique and stylish products as our physical store. By buying from us online, you still contribute to a vibrant city center. You enjoy the convenience of shopping online while supporting the local economy.

Come in or Shop Online and be surprised
So, the next time you walk past our window, just come in. Discover our beautiful collection and experience for yourself why so many customers are enthusiastic about Ohker Living. Buy that special candlestick, that stylish vase or a nice gift to make someone happy. This way you not only make the recipient happy, but also us. And together we ensure that our shopping streets remain vibrant and lively.

At Ohker Living we believe in the power of the local economy. Let's work together to create a better, more sustainable and more enjoyable shopping experience. Shop locally, make a difference, and discover what Ohker Living can do for you - both in our store and online!

Come visit our store at Nieuwstraat 11 in Hengelo. For our current opening hours, see our website www.ohkerliving.nl

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