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Camera Lamp Black Table Lamp - Housevitamin - 15 x 11 cm Polyresin

Camera Lamp Black Table Lamp - Housevitamin - 15 x 11 cm Polyresin

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Bring a unique and playful atmosphere to your interior with the Camera Lamp Black Table Lamp from Housevitamin. With its charming design in the shape of a classic camera, this lamp is both a functional lighting piece and a decorative showpiece.

The table lamp is made of durable polyresin material, which gives it a sturdy and solid construction. The black color adds a touch of elegance and timelessness to the whole, making it an effortless match for different interior styles.

With dimensions of 15 x 11 cm, this lamp is compact and versatile. Place it on a side table, bedside table, desk or even as an eye-catching decoration on a bookshelf. Wherever you place it, it's sure to grab attention and become a talking point.

The Camera Lamp is equipped with an E14 fitting, suitable for a standard incandescent or LED lamp (not included). This allows you to adjust the lighting to your personal preference and create the desired atmosphere.

The Camera Lamp Black Table Lamp combines functionality and design in a unique way. Add a touch of playfulness to your interior and illuminate your space with style with this eye-catching table lamp. Let your creativity run wild and enjoy the charming look of this camera-inspired lamp.


Vendor: Housevitamin
Type: Lamp
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