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City Map Hengelo 50x70 black mdf

City Map Hengelo 50x70 black mdf

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Discover the beauty of Hengelo with our City Map Hengelo 50x70, a stylish and detailed representation of this vibrant city. With its modern design and clean lines, this map is not only a functional navigation tool, but also a work of art that enriches any room.

The card is expertly crafted on a sturdy black MDF panel measuring 50x70 centimeters, which not only guarantees durability, but also gives it a contemporary look. The deep black background provides the perfect contrast for the meticulous details of the map, bringing every street and landmark to life.

Whether you are a proud resident of Hengelo, a lover of city maps, or are looking for a unique gift, the City Map Hengelo 50x70 is a true eye-catcher. Hang it in your living room, office or bedroom and be enchanted by the cartographic beauty of Hengelo.

With its size of 50x70 centimeters, this map is large enough to show all the details of the city, yet compact enough to fit in any space. The MDF material provides strength, making the card not only functional as a decoration, but also a long-lasting investment in style and memories.

Bring the charm of Hengelo to your living space with the City Map Hengelo 50x70 black MDF - a unique combination of functionality, aesthetics and sustainability. Rediscover the city with this beautiful map that not only shows the streets, but also captures the character and vibrancy of Hengelo.


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