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Dinner candle rustic Ø2.2CM LED ro Lyon L s2 beige-L2.2B2.2H24CM

Dinner candle rustic Ø2.2CM LED ro Lyon L s2 beige-L2.2B2.2H24CM

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The LED dinner candles are a modern twist on the classic dinner candles. These candles feature LED lighting instead of a flame, making them safe, easy to use and reusable.

The LED dinner candles are available in different colors, so you can choose what best suits your table decoration or the desired atmosphere. Whether you go for a traditional white candle or a bold color such as red or gold, there is always an option to suit your style.

The use of LED lighting ensures that the candles are not only safe, but also last for a long time. You don't have to worry about the flame blowing out or candle wax dripping. In addition, the LED dinner candles often have a timer function, so you can easily set them to turn on and off automatically.

These candles are ideal for various occasions such as dinners, parties, weddings or simply as decorative elements in your home. They can be used in candle holders or candle holders to create a warm and cozy light effect.

With LED dinner candles you can enjoy the atmosphere of candlelight without the worries associated with traditional candles. Add a touch of elegance and style to your table setting with this modern and safe option.


Vendor: Countryfield
Type: LED candles
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