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Inner Peace Scented Candle L

Inner Peace Scented Candle L

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• Enchanting scented candle for inner peace and serenity
• A wonderful aroma experience for at least 170 hours
• Unique 2-wick design for maximum fragrance release

Create a serene atmosphere in your home with the Inner Peace Scented Candle in size L from Village Candle. This enchanting candle provides inner peace and relaxation, while the soothing scents envelop you. With a burning time of at least 170 hours, you can enjoy a wonderful aroma experience for a long time. The unique 2-wick design ensures an impressive spread of the calming scent, imbuing your environment with a touch of serenity. Add this luxurious scented candle to your interior and enjoy long-lasting pleasure and a soothing ambiance.


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