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Vase deco 40.5x14.5x36.5 cm MASHABA sand

Vase deco 40.5x14.5x36.5 cm MASHABA sand

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Add a touch of natural elegance to your interior with our narrow deco vase 40.5x14.5x36.5 cm MASHABA in a beautiful sand-colored design!

🌿 A Homage to Nature 🌿

Be inspired by the beauty of nature with our MASHABA sand-colored vase. The design is inspired by the organic shapes and colors of the earth, bringing the natural world indoors. The vase is like a work of art in itself, with its flat shape and warm sand tones that attract attention.

🌷Create Your Own Masterpiece🌷

This beautiful flat vase is not only a decorative showpiece, but also offers endless possibilities for creative flower arrangements. Whether you want to present lush bouquets or minimalist single stems, the MASHABA vase provides the perfect setting for your floral works of art.

🎁 A Gift with Class 🎁

Looking for a special gift for a special occasion? The Flat Vase Deco 40.5x14.5x36.5 cm MASHABA sand is a timeless gift that will enchant the recipient. It symbolizes not only the connection with nature, but also the art of enjoying the simple, beautiful things in life.

Enrich your home with the natural beauty of the Flat Vase Deco 40.5x14.5x36.5 cm MASHABA sand and give your interior a touch of sophistication and harmony. Order today and bring the serene tranquility of nature into your daily life! 🌿🏡


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Type: Vase
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