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Amber Fragrance Cubes

Amber Fragrance Cubes

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The fragrance cubes are handmade according to a traditional recipe. ByBazz has been importing the Original Fragrance Cubes for many years, so we can choose the best quality with a long shelf life. You can use these delicious (vegan) fragrance cubes in different ways: - for the home, for example in the linen cupboard (on a bowl, stains when in direct contact with wood) - melt in a bowl on the heater - as powder in the vacuum cleaner bag - in the car (in a bowl under the seat. Please note! it melts in the summer) The scent will remain active for up to one year if you use the block according to the instructions below! For optimal and long-term use, it is best to first use the block as a fragrance block. When the odor diminishes, you can scrape some of it off so that it smells again. The shavings can be used, among other things, in the vacuum cleaner bag. * Fragrances are very personal, which is why our fragrance cubes cannot be exchanged or returned.


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