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Mini grater silver colored

Mini grater silver colored

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A mini amber cube grater is a small tool specially designed to grate or slice small pieces of amber cubes. Amber cubes are fragrant resin cubes that are often used as a natural perfume or air freshener.

With the mini grater you can grate small amounts of amber cubes, so that the scent is released and spreads in the environment. Grating the cubes can help intensify the scent and help disperse the released particles more easily.

The mini grater usually has a small size, with a handle and a grating surface. The grating surface may have small teeth or grooves that allow you to move the amber cube past it to grate it. It is important to be careful when grating to avoid injury, as the grater is usually sharp.


Vendor: Kolony
Type: Grater
Weight: 0kg
Tags: amberbrander
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