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Painting ro Musafa S black/white

Painting ro Musafa S black/white

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Discover the majestic world of the African savannah with our beautiful glass painting, the "Painting around Musafa lion S." This work of art, with an impressive size of 50 by 50 centimeters, captures the essence of the king of the jungle in a timeless black and white design. An eye-catcher for any interior, this painting will undoubtedly catch admiring glances and add a touch of elegance to your space.

The use of glass as a medium gives this artwork a unique shine and depth, beautifully reflecting light and bringing out the details of the image. The proud Musafa lion, with its majestic appearance, is brought to life in a way that is both contemporary and timeless.

This painting is not only a stunning decorative element, but also a symbol of strength, leadership and courage. It will be a talking point for guests and an inspiration to all who see it.

You can pick up this unique glass painting, with a thickness of 0.4 centimeters, in our store. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to welcome you and assist you with your purchase. Experience the refined beauty of the “Painting around Musafa lion S” and add a touch of safari charm to your living space.

Order now and bring the majesty of the savannah into your home with this beautiful glass painting!


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