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Sunny Day Wash Perfume 500 ml | Giornato di Sole

Sunny Day Wash Perfume 500 ml | Giornato di Sole

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A floral note of rose and heliotrope, on a base of moss and cedar wood.

The product can be used for both machine washing and hand washing. It can be used for all types of fabrics.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Concentrated product. Shake before use. Use the cap as a dispenser. Recommended dose: 20 ml = 2/3 caps (1 cap = 7 ml approximately).
You can increase or decrease the amount of product depending on the intensity you want to achieve.

IN THE WASHING MACHINE: Pour directly into the fabric softener compartment.
BY HAND: dilute 20 ml in 5 liters of water used for the final rinse while wearing protective gloves.


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